Bonjour !

I’m Theo, from Paris. Well, from Paris’s suburb. But we both agree that it is much more convenient to say “from Paris” than “from Argenteuil” or “from Villejuif”, don’t we ? I’m a student, that’s why I have several places to sleep (parents, apartment), and several wifi hot spots to connect to, which is much more important.

I’ve been thinking for a long time before deciding to start this blog. Now is a good time, on a friday at 1:32 a.m, I think.

Why to write ?

  • Better question : why to write in ENGLISH while I’m french ? To improve it. To challenge myself. To share my thoughts with a greater audience. And because english is the international language for working and learning. I apologize for the very very very (very) many misspellings that will occur in my posts. But don’t worry, Google engineers say that Google Trad’s algorithm is now as good as any human translator, and as I will be using it quite often, that should be at least understandable !
  • To share my thoughts, and wonderful discoveries with you. I spend a lot of time reading tech websites, articles on developer’s tricks, and also in testing these softwares, methods they talk about. I’m beginning to feel having a little bit to say, and not only listening and watching anymore. I’m very found of the few topics I’ll be writing about, that’s why I’d be very pleased to share my thoughts with you.
  • Because I want to. It will work, or it won’t, or maybe something between both. In all situations it will be a good experience, I guess. This will also be a way to archive some of my researches.

What to write ?

Back to interesting things ! Briefly,

  • I’ll be sharing some Tech news.
  • I’ll be writing about my programer’s thoughts. As I said, I’m an IT student, at Epitech, a school in Paris, but you’ll read about it soon enough in some articles (^_^). I’m mostly learning the C, C++ and SQL languages, but also some web languages, such as Php (Symfony), Js, HTML, CSS (of course), and I’m highly interested in learning new things.
  • Last but NOT LEAST, I’ll be sharing my passion for Synthwave, and more generally for Retro styles, as well in music as books, films, TV shows…

Why (minus) 42 ?


-42 is a grade at Epitech (yes it is), which you can get if you cheated for a project, or a test (I got one or two, during my first year, but chhht, it’a secret). It really hurts the G.P.A.

That’s it for the presentation, if you have anything to say about it, I’d be more than happy to talk with you, so don’t hesitate to contact me !